marketplace hunt poster v2.0 This is a new kind of hunt for me to manage. It has been done at least once before, but not by me. If all goes well, we can do it again. Your feedback will be important to help this form evolve and thrive.

As with all hunts the goal is to bring potential customers into your shop. As more and more creators are choosing to give up their in-world stores, this shifts the hunts into the Marketplace arena. There are probably going to be many bits of this event that will not go as smoothly as we would all prefer. Thank you for your patience.

~You must have a Marketplace store. You are encouraged to put a poster up at your SL store, but if you don’t have one, it does not matter.

~You must make a new item for this event. There is no focused theme for this hunt.What you create should reflect your product line in quality, style and category.

What this means is that if you sell formal wear, offering a t-shirt is not going to cut it. If you must give out something with your store logo on it, then do so as a bonus gift, but it will not qualify as a hunt gift.

Affiliates will not quality for this hunt. Business in a Box will not be accepted. Be advised that the hunters will be working from a web page to link to the Marketplace stores, which means you can be dropped at anytime from the line up if it is found that you do not meet these criteria.

~Pricing: Free is encouraged, but you may charge for this hunt, as long as you follow these guidelines. You may ask for up to 10% of a comparable item in your store. If this is unclear, just ask for a personal evaluation.

~You will receive a texture that must be added to the picture in your listing. This is how the hunters will find your hunt gift. Marketplace treasure on black~You must send your Calling Card as part of your application. You will not be required to join a group. All contact will be via your Calling Card. (You will find it in the Calling Cards folder of your inventory. Drag/drop it into the NC with your application or into an IM window.) No applicant will receive a Welcome Box if their CC is missing.

~This hunt will offer all of us challenges, so you need to please pay attention to the time line. Things come up for everyone and, as long as you stay in touch, you will forgiven. Just don’t forget that you are a part of a new kind of hunt and please be tolerant when you get updates that are correcting earlier mistakes. Be sure to shout out if you find a problem.

~Hunt order will be divided into 3 categories based on maturity levels, then first come = first up. In a switch from the usual order all Adult stores will be listed first, then the Moderate store and finally General. The separation of the categories will allow hunters to avoid ratings they are not interested in.

The application period ends on September 10.


Copy this into a notecard and send it to Cory Quinzet in-world.

Name the NC: Marketplace Hunt with your Calling Card name

Store Name: SLURL :

Rating (General, Moderate, Adult): Your Calling Card (just drag and drop it into the NC):

What ideas do you have for your hunt gift?

What price do you expect to charge for your hunt gift?

Do you have any questions?

The application period ends on September 10.

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