There are very few rules for this hunt. The main one is that your hunt gift MUST be a hat! If hats are more of a sideline than a focus in your store, you may be offered a place on the wait list for open spots at the end of the application period. This  hunt is hat themed, so hat stores get first dibs on the spots in this hunt.

My goal is to make this as easy and uncomplicated as possible for the merchants. You may if you like charge up to 5$L for the hunt gift and you may put out decoys of the hunt object, but please remember that this is not the Twisted Hunt; don’t be mean. Also, the hunters will have a complete list of the stores, so they can just move on if you make it too hard.

There is no group to join. I use the calling cards to stay in touch. You must send me yours or we will have to go through the friending dance, which is time consuming.

The hunt order is in 3 tiers. The first tier is stores that have been in a hat hunt before. The second tier are the stores that have been directly invited to participate. The third tier are those who are new to me and to the hat hunts. Each tier will be first-come-first-served.

Copy this into a notecard and send it to Cory Quinzet in-world.

Picnic Day Hat Hunt

Store Name:


Your Calling Card (just drag and drop it into the NC):

If yours is not a hat shop, what ideas do you have for your hunt gift?

Do you have any questions?

The application period ends on July 10.

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