Accepting Applications

13 Nov

marketplace hunt posterDecember v2.1

To apply, please send IM
Cory Quinzet.

You will receive an application with rules and timeline.
The theme is holidays but not necessarily the big ones.
A list of less well known celebrations will be included in the application.

Art in Hats

21 Oct

The premiere hat event of the year isĀ about to wrap up. Don’t miss the last minute fun – the hat creation contest or the auction of hats for charity.

Art in Hats is Coming!

Want to know more about all the activities that will be going on?

Click HERE.

It’s all over for now…

14 Oct

…but keep an eye out in December for the next Marketplace Hunt.
It will be holiday themed, just not necessarily Christmas or Hanukkah.

marketplace hunt posterDecember v2.1


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